News Modules: Now also available for Android 

Create one brand identity and align your content across both Android and iOS.

The Visiolink News Modules concept is now also available for Android.

  • Optimise content usage and increase engagement amongst your epaper users with full width and easily accessible modules based on content
  • Align your epaper features and functionalities across Android and iOS
  • Ease your support and marketing efforts by aligning your epaper solutions with the same look and feel on both Android and iOS
  • Customize your app to fit your distinct brand imagery, colours and logos

Android News Modules gives you a platform for promoting all epaper content in one app. Everything from today's paper to live news, podcasts, advertisements, videos and archive - all neatly organised in modules for a simple overview and enhanced user experience.

It builds on the best features and functionality known from the Visiolink iOS News Modules concept and brings your Android app to the next level.

Curious to learn more? 

Feel free to reach out to your Visiolink Key Account Manager today.





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