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Audio Anywhere is the collective term for our new range of audio features that ensure a high level of relevance of the ePaper solution. By adding podcasts and narrated articles to the content mix, the users have the incensive for taking the ePaper into use during the daily commute, excersising, gardening, dinner making and other household chores. 

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Unique monthly podcast listeners have surpassed 75 million per month, and it’s safe to say that the radio-like media format is one of the most trendy and crowd-pleasing content types at the moment.

Effortlessly incorporate podcasts in your ePaper - presenting them directly on the front screen. In addition to your current content offering, the ePaper will give your readers hours of engagement which ensure extra stickiness and loyal users.

Narrated Articles

Give your readers that ‘little extra’ with articles narrated by real people. This is the ideal way to consume content when you’re unable to focus on the device, e.g. during the commute or when out jogging.

The likes of podcasts and narrated articles open a new advertisement channel that enable the media companies to incorporate an extra variety of ads and sponsorships to their revenue sources. So, Audio Anywhere is yet another way to monetize the ePaper.

Text-to-Speech based on Google Cloud

With Text-to-Speech based on Google Cloud you can have your articles read aloud by the high-quality, WaveNet, humanlike speech synthesis service from Google. This gives you the possibility of engaging with your users in new settings – and it broadens the attention span and gives your users the possibility to consume your epaper or magazine while for instance driving, walking the dog or cleaning.

Articles can easily be queued in the playlist together with your other audio content such as podcasts, and the user can either pick and choose those articles they find relevant or they can have all Text-to-Speech articles read aloud.

Expand your reach and save the expenses of human narration – Text-to-Speech based on Google Cloud is the plug and play audio solution for your epaper. Spoken content without the hassle.

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Track your audio content

No matter which of the Audio Anywhere features your readers make use of, you can rest assured that their activities are tracked and available in your Google Analytics overview.

Here, you can find information about how many articles have been read aloud and for how long each article have been played. Audio Anywhere is also compatible with the User Tracking feature meaning that you can link the usage data to specific User IDs to ensure a transcendent data foundation.