Visiolink Benefit Program

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It’s important to us that we can promise you the best digital publishing solution in order to ensure that your newspaper is always available to your readers. For this reason, we’ve created ’Visiolink Benefit Program’.

Below you’ll find the product sheet, in which you can read the full story about why we’ve chosen to create the benefit program and what’s in it for you as a media house. It also gives you an overview of the three packages the Visiolink Benefit Program includes and a full list of features available in the different packages. Enjoy!


Image_CTA_Visiolink_Benefit_Program   Click to read the full story behind  the Visiolink Benefit Program


If you are interested in getting a live feeling of the features that are included in the Visiolink Benefit Program, please don’t hesitate to click the links below. Each video demonstrates the features that are included in the Base, Pro or Enterprise package. 


Our BASE package provides you with a digital publishing solution that will satisfy your readers' basic expectations to digital publishing. This solution is for you, who are new to digital newspaper publishing or simply needs an upgraded solution.

Watch the BASE video



The PRO package includes everything in the BASE package plus a number of extra features such as Picture Gallery and News Ticker. Click below to watch the PRO-video and all the extra included features.

Watch the PRO video



The ENTERPRISE package includes everything in BASE and PRO plus extra features such as Live Feed and Advanced Search. ENTERPRISE is a comprehensive solution with maximum focus on content sources and brand recognition. 

Watch the ENTERPRISE video


We hope that you got something out of reading about the program and watching the videos. If you are interested in learning more about our three Visiolink Benefit Program packages, please contact your Visiolink representative. To get a full overview of all features, you can also watch the full feature video by clicking below.

Watch the FULL feature video