Visiolink webinars Summer 2019

Do you want to enrich your ePaper and grow your digital business?
Webinars are a great way of gaining new insights into industry trends and business improving initiatives which will help you make decisions that ensure your business' ongoing success. Our webinars are characterized by a pleasant and informal structure in which everyone's welcome to ask questions. 

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The popularity of the audio format has increased explosively over a short period of time, which is why we are delighted to introduce our newest product, Audio Anywhere. With Audio Anywhere it is now possible for you to incorporate audio content to your ePaper in the form of Podcasts, Narrated Articles and Text-to-speech. 

We would like to give you a greater insight into the possibilities that lays in connecting audio with your ePaper and how it specifically can help your business to grow.

Wednesday, June 26
09:00-09:30 Danish time


Are you aware of what’s actually being read in your paper? Did you know, that it is possible to track which articles, topics and sections in your paper that are trending and driving the most engagement?

With Engagement Studio you can dive into the data and make qualitative analysis about your content in order to identify commonalities among the most engaging articles – or least engaging for that matter – and use this knowledge for future content production. You can even measure the total engagement per journalist. Engagement Studio enables you to visualize live data from your ePaper through dashboards that gives insight into your article performance.

Thursday, August 22
10:00-10:30 Danish Time

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